Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Arithmemouse Addition Subtraction Game Review

Of all the addition subtraction games that I have tried Tinman Learning's "The Arithmemouse Addition Subtraction Game" is one of the best. Why? I'll just jump into my bullet point lists.

What I like:

Designed to challenge younger and older children by providing ones & ones, ones & tens and tens & tens questions.

Designed to appeal to boys and girls. Players can select to be Arithmemouse, Aggy or Toby.

Random questions.

Intuitive gameplay.

Encouraging feedback along the way.

Timed questions. (Players can't stop.)

Free demo.

Column method tutorials.

Affordable price. Check the site for the current price.

What I didn't like:

Tutorials need a little polish. They are accurate, but younger players will need some help here. But even with more polish, I imagine you can't expect a program to do everything. Just read the tutorials to your child to help them better understand the material. The column or "borrowing" method can get challenging.

I like the flying on surfboards, but I think my son likes running about on foot better-- like in the game Arithmemouse Times Tables.

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